Sunday, December 26, 2010

DeFermery Park Graffiti Battle - Oakland

A couple months back the 2nd Annual Estria Graffiti Battle was held in DeFermery Park.  Here are my shots take during the morning hours of the battle.

 The 24 contestants who participated were all hand picked and the battle was to paint one word (drawn from a hat) on a 16 x 18 canvas.  Judging was based on concept, form, color palette and technical proficiency.

Even though I was born and raised in Oakland, I had never been to DeFermery which is located in West Oakland.  I remember my mother's stories though of swimming there (back in the 30's) and I even think that the DeFermery Park Center is where my grandmother took her citizenship classes in the 40's.

For a complete view of all entries, visit the Estria site.

And the First Place Winner is.......
Vyal One LOD of Los Angeles

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